Styles & Shapes

Our shutters can be generally manufactured to suit windows of all shapes and sizes. Your surveyor will always discuss the options with you to allow you to decide the most appropriate style to suit your interior design needs.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are the most popular choice for most homes they can also include a mid rail if required. The mid rail provides added integrity to larger shutter panels, can be used for aesthetics (to match the rails on your window) and also for added functionality, allowing top and bottom louvre sets to be moved as required, this is perfect for maintaining privacy in the home.

Café Style Shutters

Café Style Shutters provide a touch of class to any interior and are ideal for providing privacy at eye-level. They look very chic and can be combined with a curtain to ensure complete privacy when required.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-Tier shutters are possibly the most flexible style that are on offer, functioning in the same manner as Full Height shutters except where we would normally place a mid-rail, the panel is in fact split into two independent operating sections. This allows the top half to be folded out of the way, so you can maximise the light ingress, whilst maintaining privacy through the lower panels.

Angled & Shaped Windows

Why hide your features with a curtain or square blind when our made-to-measure shutters can be manufactured to fit exactly in or onto your feature window. So whether your window is circular, arched or angled, we can manufacture a solution to suit.

Bay Windows & Splay Bays

Plantation Shutters make the perfect window covering for bay windows, the shutter blends into the bay window shape and design perfectly keeping the crisp clean lines as the architect had intended. All style of bay windows can be catered for, including Splay Bays and 90° Bays.

With shutters you will also be able to manage the light more efficiently. Unlike curtains which can only be open or closed, shutters are much more light efficient by angling the louvres in your shutters you can manage the light throughout the day. With a slight adjustment of the louvers you can have privacy that you may require or direct the light away, allowing you to enjoy the day without glare and excessive heat.

Patio & French Doors

For large windows and patio doors we can fit track systems to allow the largest shutters to operate smoothly. You can either have your shutters to bi-fold to the ends of the window opening or on a sliding track so they bi-pass each other.

Window coverings for French doors never provide a perfect solution as they tend to get in the way of the door. For a complete and practical solution we can provide shutters to face fix on to French Doors which will move with the door when you open or close it. We can even cut around the door handles (French Door Cut-Out) to ensure a perfectly styled finish. The shutter panels can still be opened to allow you to clean the glass.