Semina Awning

The Weinor Semina is a neat oval semi-cassette awning with a curved top and front rail.

The compact semi-cassette awning will cover up to 21 sq mt. With a maximum width of 7mt and a projection of up to 3.5mt, it is ideal for a variety of patio sizes. To make it more individual, you can combine the various frame colours with our superb choice of awning fabrics. At only 20.4 x 20.4cm when closed, it is the compact and pleasantly inconspicuous alternative to the full cassette awnings.

Download Weinor Semina Awning brochure

Features include

  • Rounded cassette style awning with large front rail for stability
  • The large front rail encloses the blind arms when not in use
  • Valance removable for winter months
  • Heavy duty chain linked blind arms with tilting arm and wind lock safety device
  • 47 Standard frame colours and 8 Trend colours
  • Exclusive fabric collection - Wide choice of plain and patterned materials
  • Electric operation by remote control or manual crank operation

Maximum Awning Sizes

Max. Width: 700cm Projection:150cm to 350cm

Max Projection to Minimum Awning Width Ratio

Width 201 to 250cm = 200cm Max Projection

Width 252 to 300cm = 250cm Max Projection

Width 301 to 350cm = 300cm Max Projection

Width 351 to 700cm = 350cm Max Projection

Further Information

  • MiniMax

    Awning Dimensions
    Max. Width 1-section: 700cm / 2-section: 1,200cm
    Max. Projection: 400cm

  • Wind support

    Can be used up to wind force 5. The optional weinor wind supports stabilise your awning in windy conditions.

  • Sensor

    Includes Agido-868-Sensor (when equipped with WeiTronic remote control). This assures extra safety, as the awning is retracted during heavy vibration.

  • Quality

    Weinor Quality Standard
    Safety and long service life.

Optional Add-ons

  • WeiTronic Remote Control

    All its functions can be operated with just one hand-held remote control unit.

  • Lighting Units

    Light is life – the right lighting is just what you need to create a cosy atmosphere for evenings on the patio.

  • Heating System Tempura

    The heating system Tempura provides such very comfortable and lasting warmth that you can sit outdoors in pleasant surroundings even on cool days and evenings.

  • Paravento Side Screens

    The Weinor Paravento side screen is a particularly attractive and practical solution for additional sun and wind protection.

  • Wind Supports

    Weinor wind supports stabilise your awning when the wind picks up.