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Commercial Blinds and Awnings

Commercial Shop Awnings
Coffee Shop Blinds
Restaurant Awnings
Shop blinds with sign writing
Pub Blinds
Recessed shop awnings
Commercial Awnings
Cafe shop blinds
Commercial Terrace Awnings
Restaurant Awnings

Offering a great range of awning solutions for your business for over 125 Years

As a business owner, you know the importance of an cost-effective investment to add value to your commercial premises. At Worth & Co Blinds, we have been in business for over 125 years now, helping people just like yourself make the most out of their investment budget, with an entire range of awnings and canopies.  

Worth & Co Blinds offer a great selection of shading solutions for the commercial premises. From a simple entrance canopy to a large terrace covering. Below are some of the examples to guide you. Alternatively speak to one of our experts for guidance on how to extend your hospitality to more customers. Call 01702 467581 to arrange a meeting.

Standout from the crowd, see how an awning could benefit your Business

Shop Awnings
Shop Awning
Restaurant Awning
Commercial Shop awnings fitted by Worth & Co Blinds

Awnings not only give you protection from the elements, but they greatly improve the visibility of your business premises which is vital to survival in an increasingly competitive high street. Adding an awning to your shopfront makes your business vastly more visually attractive, unlike a facia they stand out and give your shop front more character, attracting more attention which can help increase footfall from passers-by, ultimately improving your potential sales figures.

Graphics are an indispensable part of the commercial blind, we are able to offer you full design and signwriting facilities by some of the most experienced sign writers in the area.

Lights & heaters can also be incorporated into the awning, these are ideal for restaurants and bars with outside seating areas. 

We have a large selection of awnings, available with manual or electric operation.

Terrace Awnings
Restaurant Terrace Awnings
Terrace Awnings
Restaurant Terrace Awnings

For businesses that need to cover larger areas or your requirement is for something suitable to use in all weathers, then we have the Terrace style awning available. This style of awning has front supporting posts with side guiding rails, by using a tear resistant PVC material the fabric is held taught when extended. With a minimum pitch of 8 degrees, the water can be guided down the side channels and out with its integrated draining system. Can be incorporated with lighting and heating, plus vertical awnings or glass sides for additional protection. 

Recessed Awnings
Recessed Shop Awning
Recessed Shop Awnings
Commercial Shop Blinds

The Recessed Awning is the perfect blind to add that stylish look to any shop front.  The awning has been designed to fit into a pre-prepared timber blind box that would be built into your facia, normally by a builder or shop fitter.  When the awning is retracted it leaves a clean and unobtrusive finish to the facia.  The awning has been designed so that it can be recessed into the shop front.  When a new shop front is being specified it is advisable to contact us in the early design stages to ascertain the correct blind box dimensions and fixing height for your premises.

These blinds can be fitted into some old type of existing blind boxes if they are large enough.

Victorian Awnings
Commercial shop awning with Sign writing in Leigh on Sea, Essex
Commercial shop awning with Sign writing in Leigh on Sea, Essex
Traditional Shop Blinds

At Worth & Co Blinds we still manufacture the traditional Victorian box blind from scratch the same way as we did 125 years ago.  The traditional Victorian shop blind is still widely used today being probably the most durable type of awning still manufactured.

The blind box which houses the roller is constructed from timber which can be finished in either a wood stain or a painted finish in the colour of your choice.  
The blind arms are manufactured from black iron, where they are skilfully formed in house to bend neatly around your shop facia.  The blind arms are then fitted to a pair of slide irons which are mounted to your wall on specially made iron castings.  
The traditional box blinds are extended by a means of a blind pole, where the blind arms are then pushed up the slide irons to give sufficient headway clearance. With fixed side arms without slides they can be electrically operated,

For shops requiring side protection we can manufacture side blinds for the Victorian shop awning.

Commercial Dutch Canopy
Commercial Dutch Canopy
Shop Dutch Blind
Shop Dutch Canopy

The Dutch canopy is an cost effective choice of blind for the commercial premises, not only does it provide an effective form of shading to your shop it also makes a very effective three dimensional sign.  The Dutch canopy in its standard form is available as a retractable blind by means of cord operation, or on larger blinds they can be winch operated or electrically operated if preferred.  If the blind is to be retracted we recommend that a cover board is fitted over the blind to help stop excessive water retention in the folds of the fabric.

Non retractable canopies can be manufactured in several styles, with our in house manufacturing we are able to tailor make our blinds to meet your needs.  We make French awnings also known as wedge shaped blinds, radius framed blinds in all styles plus walkway approach awnings.

Drop Arm Awnings
Pub Blinds & Awnings
Commercial Shop Blinds
Blinds fitted to hair dressers

Drop arm awnings are a neat retractable blind  Drop arm awnings are a neat and versatile sun blind. The advantage of these blinds is that they can be stopped in any position you require, but if low sun is a problem, they can be extended to 150° so you should be able to cover most of the window if necessary. Internal spring tensioned blind arms keep the fabric taut even on a windy day. When not in use the fabric is neatly stored in its cassette.

Control  of the awning is by manual gearbox as standard but all types of motorised control can be specified.

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